Booster system sizing can be difficult. That’s why there’s calQflo.

calQflo is the most efficient online booster system sizing and selection software. A free and revolutionary online tool, calQflo matches your specs to the best system selections and solutions for your HVAC, construction or plumbing project to bring you excellent efficiency and revolutionary ROI.

With calQflo, inputting your project’s plumbing information is straightforward and easy. You can adjust your pump specifications at any time, and the plumbing system you need is selected from your specs, letting you focus on the other parts of your project. calQflo picks the most efficient booster option for your needs, allowing your system to run long into the future with maximum cost savings.

Benefits of calQflo include:

  • 100% Control and Spec Guarantee
  • Auto-Redundancy Calculator
  • CAD Drawing Library
  • calQflo selection
  • Easy-to-use
  • Energy Saving Calculators
  • Intuitive KwH Calculations
  • Lightning-Fast Submittal Creation
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Product Longevity