Start protecting your buildings NOW with the reliable Roof Guard solution from MIFAB

How do you prevent ponding that can lead to roof damage from occurring on your facilities roofs? Do you wait until the issue of a clogged roof drain dome invades the interior of the building? Perhaps, you have a reliable monthly preventative maintenance program to clean clogged roof drain domes. In either case, both can be costly and come with their own risks. Well, here is a better solution!

ROOF GUARD has a larger surface area than your traditional bucket domes allowing debris to collect on top of the horizontal dome allowing rainwater to empty underneath. In time, the debris will dry up in the sun and the wind will blow it away. ROOF GUARD has an easy-to-install universal design that fits any manufacturers roof drain body. ROOF GUARD’s horizontal profile only requires to be maintained or inspected once per year. Click the video above to see ROOF GUARD in action or on the link below for the specification sheet.