FOG Enforcer offers industry leading FOG storage capacity. Each FOG Enforcer offers you an extremely high storage capacity when compared to other interceptors in the marketplace. This reduces the chance of a system failure due to any delay in scheduled maintenance. A working sanitation system prevents unwanted indoor odors and protects from overflows and back-ups.

FOG Enforcer’s “Go with the flow” diffusing system allows for maximum use of the entire holding basin. This maximized use of the basin allows for approximately 20% more storage capacity than other lesser interceptors. Additionally, when combining the FOG Enforcer’s “Go with the Flow” diffuser with the included FOG Enforcer’s external flow control, optimum conditions are set for a more efficient and complete separation of Fats, Oils and Grease from water.

FOG Enforcer is built tough, made of HDPE, boasting a limited lifetime warranty. FOG Enforcer will continue to work and efficiently service any application for the expected life of the building. FOG Enforcer works as hard as you do.