Serving Virginia, District of Columbia, Maryland, South West Virginia, Southern Delaware and North Carolina


Commercial Stainless Steel sinks, Tables and Accessories
Medical gas products: outlets, valves, alarms and manifolds
Medical gas products: outlets, valves, alarms, manifolds, compressors and vacuum systems.
Packaged Rain Water disinfection, High End water Treatment and Water Softeners. UV disinfection solutions.
Wrap-It link Mechanical Seals and Wall Sleeves
Freeze Protection Heating Cable, Grease Line Temperature Maintenance
Commercial grey water recycling, Rainwater collection and Storm water management
Vacuum Plumbing Systems and Fresh Water Generation
Osy-Fuel, Air Acetylene, Air Propane, Air Propylene and Nitrogen Equipment
NSF 350 Listed Grey Water Systems and Hydraulic Jump Pre-Filters for Rainwater Harvesting
Automatic, Self cleaning water filtration systems
Innovative systems for protection of potable water quality
Temperature Control Valves
Commercial Plumbing Products
Commercial/Residential Water Softeners and Treatment Systems
Variable speed packaged pump systems with iQFlo™ 3.0 booster control technology
Neutralization tanks, Epoxy lab sinks,
Mechanically Formed Copper and Stainless Steel Tee’s
Ligature-resistant plumbing fixtures, Security products & electronic water management
Industrial Chemicals for the Plumbing, Heating, Building, Janitorial and Bathroom Industries.