The only True Digital Emergency Mixing Valve on the market

What makes The Neutron so amazing?

  • The Neutron offers first-of-its-kind technology: it is self-balancing, controlling the recirculation loop with no need to do any manual balancing. No other mechanical emergency mixing valve currently on the market can do this – all others require manual balancing
  • We’ve designed The Neutron to feed high flow to multiple drench showers, with capabilities of up to 80 GPM (303.8 L) and an internal cold-water bypass of 40+ GPM
  • The Neutron is also perfect for eye/face wash applications, featuring temperature accuracy within +/- 2 °F, to avoid scalding of heat-sensitive eye and facial tissues
  • The Neutron has self-diagnostic and daily cleaning features, and internal check/stop valves for local isolation, servicing, and cross-flow prevention.

In short, the Neutron can be counted on to work during an emergency, large or small, without the daily oversight that non-digital emergency mixing valves require.